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Boot Camps

Hello! Today I want to discuss the topic of fitness boot camps.  They are a great way for someone to jump start their mind and body into a fitness mode.  They’re also very useful for people who want to either maintain or challenge their level of fitness. However, I would like to caution you that if you haven’t worked out in a while or aren’t in good shape they can be overwhelming.

Most boot camps will separate people into groups based on their fitness ability.  This makes it easier for people to motivate and encourage each other as they progress through the camp.

The majority of boot camps cover several different areas of fitness.  The more common aspects are strength, cardiovascular, and core training but it can also be much more.  Some camps only focus on one specific area of fitness.  For example, some may strictly aim to improve cardiovascular fitness.  This may be accomplished through basic cardio exercises, interval training, or HIIT (high intensity interval training) depending how the camp is set up.  Based on what your goals are, there are many different types of camps to choose from.

Boot Camp

The boot camps are usually designed with stations set up for different areas.  They’re commonly called circuit stations because you rotate from one station to another in the form of a circuit.  Once you get to a station you’re normally only there 2-3 minutes before departing to the next station.   Most of the time you’re also instructed to run to the next station keeping your cardiovascular system active.

Some camps are set up to be ran all day while others may only last a few hours. Generally, the ones that only focus on one area of fitness don’t last as long as others.

To summarize, I think boot camps are great for people who are serious about their fitness.  One problem many people have is once they come down from the excitement of the experience, they don’t maintain or even begin an exercise program afterward. However, if you take the momentum you get from a boot camp and carry it into the start of a fitness routine they can be very beneficial.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to let me know below.  Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!


Bowflex SelecTech 552 Dumbbells
  • Product: Bowflex SelecTech 552 Dumbbells
  • Price: $349.00
  • Company: Bowflex
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty on all parts
  • My Personal Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Hello!   Today I want to let you know about the Bowflex SelecTech 552 Dumbbells.  I personally have been using these dumbbells for 4 years and love them!  They’re actually one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment.  One thing I like about them is you can adjust the weight anywhere from 5 to 52.5 lbs.  It’s very easy to adjust the weights and all you do is turn the dial to the weight you wish to use.

The dial turns very easily and clicks into the weight when you stop at the one you want to use.  I can honestly say mine still work just as good now as they did 4 years ago when I first got them.  They also take up very little space in your workout area or wherever you decide to keep them.  It’s so much better than having separate dumbbells for each weight ranging from 5 to 52 lbs.

Product Features

  1. Replaces up to 30 dumbbells
  2. Space Efficient
  3. Quieter Workouts
  4. Total Body Results

Summary- These dumbbells are an awesome tool to improve your strength.  Whether you’re trying to strengthen your upper body, lower body, or core, you have so many options of weight to choose from. They’re also very durable and will last a long time if taken care of properly.  For more detailed information or to order yours today click here or on the image below!  If you have any questions or comments about them please leave them below.  Thanks for your time and have a great day everyone!                                                                                                                                                                            

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells, Set: Dumbbells Only
Bowflex SelecTech 552 Dumbbells


Fitness Master Resistance Bands
  • Product: Fitness Master Resistance Bands sold by L&G Enterprise and fulfilled by Amazon
  • Company: Fitness Master
  • Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee
  • My Personal Rating 9.5 out of 10  

Hello!  Resistance bands are an excellent tool to enhance your upper and lower body strength.   They’re a nice choice so you can have variety in your methods of working out.  Weights are great, but personally I like to mix things up from time to time and use bands for my resistance exercises.  Also, if you have any joint issues or weakness bands can be a good alternative to free weights.

The Fitness Master Resistance Bands are extremely durable and I personally use these myself and love them!  I’ve had other bands in the past that broke, but I’ve never had that problem with these.   Below are some of the features included with the Fitness Master Resistance Bands.

  1. 11 Piece Anti Snap Tube Technology
  2. Free training E-Books Included
  3. Premium Grade
  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee

They also come with ankle straps so you can use them for some awesome lower body workouts instead of just your arms.  It also has a nice carrying case so you can take them when you travel, or if you need to work out somewhere other than home.  Click here for more detailed information on the bands or to order yours today!  If you have any questions or comments about them please leave them below.   Thanks for reading and have a terrific day!



Of all Americans who do any type of exercise , 2/3 of them do it at home.  If the weather is bad or you’re not able to go to a gym, a good treadmill can be a convenient way to work out at home.

How To Choose A Good Treadmill

On average the majority of treadmills are approximately 77 inches long by 35 inches wide.  You should also make sure you have plenty of room around the treadmill for safety.  Having enough deck space that’s long enough for the stride of your legs is important.

Display Panel

Treadmills nowadays can come with many different features on the control panel.  Remember that the purpose of a treadmill is to help you achieve your cardiovascular goals.  Being selective on what’s really essential to monitor in your cardio workout can save you much money.  Most treadmills come with a heart rate monitor and let you know your speed, so you usually won’t have to worry about those numbers.

If you’re looking for more in depth feedback from your treadmill, you may want to choose one with more settings.  For example, you may want one with options such as incline settings or interval programs.  Some people may want to be entertained while working out, so for them a tv may be a feature to choose.  Just remember, the more options and features it has usually means a higher cost.



If space is a concern then a folding treadmill can be a good option. However, most folding treadmills still take up half their length when folded so please  keep that in mind.

Also, some folding treadmills don’t have as many features as non-folding treadmills.  If you’d like some more information on a folding treadmill I recommend, please see my review on the Body Solid Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill below.


The cost of treadmills can range anywhere from about $400 to $10,000 depending on size and features. If all you’re interested in is walking with just basic features, you can find some good quality treadmills at a fairly low price.  If you’re searching for one for walking and running with basic options, there are many to choose from at reasonable costs with good value.  A treadmill designed for walking and running with many features can be costly, however if it meets your demands and what you’re looking for it can be a great investment.

What’s important is that you get one you’re comfortable with and that provides the information you want.  If you’re happy with your treadmill then you’ll be more likely to use it on a regular basis.  This in turn will help you achieve your cardiovascular goals!  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below as I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


photo credit: Running room via photopin (license)

 Body Solid Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill
  • Product: Body Solid TF3i Folding Treadmill sold via
  • Price: $1499.99
  • Company: Body Solid
  • Running Area: 18″x 50″
  • Warranty: In-Home Lifetime Warranty of the original purchaser 1 year labor
  • My Personal Rating 9.7 out of 10
Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill








Hello, I’d like to share with you some information regarding a great treadmill to help you reach your cardiorespiratory goals. It’s called the Endurance TF3i treadmill by Body Solid.  It’s very economical and allows you to save a lot of space.  It has many features that are also found in more expensive treadmills. The TFi3 has 6 pre-programmed fitness options created by professional trainers and fitness experts.

Advantages of the treadmill include:  endurance-tf3i-folding-treadmill-5

  1. Fat Burning programs
  2. Interval Training
  3. Foldaway Convenience
  4. Lifetime Treadbelt
  5. Powerful Motor
  6. Bright LED displays
  7. Safety Key Stop System
  8. Quiet Performance


Summary– Cardio training is a vital aspect to your overall fitness.  Having a healthy heart and lungs willenable you to fatigue less easily.  This will also allow you to maximize and get the most out of your workouts.  The TFi3 is an excellent tool to help you reach your cardiorespiratory goals.  Click here for more detailed information or to order yours today!  If you have any questions or comments about it please leave them below. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


TriggerPoint Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece)
  • Product: TriggerPoint Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece) sold through Amazon site.
  • Company: TriggerPoint
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • My Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Hello!  Self Myofascial Release (SMR) can definitely help you improve your flexibility and muscle tone which is essential for optimal workouts.  One of the best SMR kits available is provided by TriggerPoint. I personally use this particular kit myself and it has worked great for me!  I’ve been using it for 3 years and highly recommend it.  It allows you to get a nice deep massage of your muscle tissue and helps smooth out any knots in the tissue as well.

The kit comes with 2 massage balls which are great for your feet and getting isolated massages to smaller areas and joints on your body.  It also has a baller block and 2 rollers for a deeper muscle massage.  You can use the kit to smooth out your muscles before you warm up, or it can also be used as part of your cool down after a good workout.

It also comes with a step by step instruction guide so you won’t overlook any important muscle groups. It’s very mobile so you can perform your SMR anywhere you like.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  Click here for more detailed information on the kit or to order yours today!


High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training

HIIT training has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  It involves periods of high intensity effort followed by fairly short recovery times.  The intense exercise times can range anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.  These are performed at 80% to 95% of your estimated Maximal Heart Rate (MHR).

Your MHR is the maximum number of times your heart beats in a minute without overexerting itself. The recovery times may last equally as long as the work times and are usually performed at 40% to 50% of your MHR.  The workout consists of alternating work and recovery times for a total of 20-60 minutes.

Advantages of HIIT Training 

HIIT Training can help improve the following areas below.

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness  
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascualar fitness
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Reducing fat
  • Increasing muscle mass

HIIT Training can be performed in a variety of ways.  These include but aren’t limited to walking, cycling, swimming, running, elliptical training, etc.  HIIT workouts provide similar benefits as regualar cardio endurance workouts, but in a shorter period of time.  This is because they normally burn more calories than traditional exercise.

HIIT Training

Safety Cautions

People who have been living sedentary lives for a long period of time shouldn’t immediately jump into HIIT training. Actually, they should be cleared by a physician and then enter into a moderate cardio exercise program.

They can build their cardiorespiratory system up over time and later do a HIIT program if they’re physically strong enough.

Prior to engaging in a HIIT workout you should have a strong baseline fitness level.  Let me explain a way to gauge if you’re at that level.  You should be able to perform cardiorespiratory training for at least 10 minutes, preferably more, maintaining your Training Heart Rate (THR) at 76% to 85% of its max. You should be able to do this at least 3 times a week.

To determine your THR subtract your age from 220.  For example, if your 40 years old then your THR would be 220-40 which is 180.  80% of this would be 144 so you would need to keep your THR around 144 for 10 minutes or more 3 times a week.  It could be a little higher for a minute or two but shouldn’t exceed 90% of your THR.  If it’s below 76% you shouldn’t participate in HIIT until it reaches that level.


HIIT training is an excellent way to get your cardiorespiratory system functioning at an optimum level. It burns more calories in less time so essentially you get more bang for your buck.  It’s a pretty challenging workout so I wouldn’t suggest doing it more than twice a week, unless you’re preparing for an upcoming extreme cardio event.

However, please make sure you’re fit enough to engage in this type of activity like I mentioned above. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below as I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!


Fitness Attire

Hello!  It’s very important to have proper fitting and comfortable clothes when you work out.  If your clothes are too restrictive it can definitely impair correct movement.  This can lead to you not getting the most you can out of your workout session.

Fitness Attire
Click on image to see a page of women’s attire on the Reebok site

Conversely, if your clothes are too loose they can get in the way of moving correctly as well.  Your clothes should be a little snug, but not too tight.

You should have about a 1 inch ease around the waist of shorts and sweat pants as a guide.  With shirts you should be able to take in deep breaths and not feel any tightness around your trunk or core.

I personally like to wear Reebok attire a lot when I exercise and even when I’m not working out because of the comfort. Many of their shirts are polyester, but have a cotton feel to them which I prefer.

A lot of them also have antimicrobial features which reduce odor when you start sweating.  For an overview of some of their men’s attire click here.  They have a wide array of great clothing items to choose from so you can order some today!

Fitness Attire
Click on image to see the Reebok “Reset and Refocus” page for men

They also have a huge selection of awesome women’s apparel to choose from as well!  To see some of those items please click here.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know below as I look forward to hearing from you.  Also, Reebok is having the following sales below!

Reebok’s new Nano 6.0 has been released.  The Nano 6.0 has great new features including:

– A completely new designed upper with Reebok Delta branding
– Added padding for support in the heel and the same lower as the Nano 5.0

You can also customize your own version using the Your Reebok configurator! Click on link or images below for full details on all offers.

New Nano 6.0 now available at!

New Nano 6.0 now available at!

New Nano 6.0 now available at!

For all those that ‘Hunt Greatness’ on a daily basis, Reebok is excited to announce the release of JJ Watt’s new JJ I shoe! This shoe was designed with the help of NFL Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt and encompasses all the qualities that make it the best option for everyday workouts including lifting, sprinting, box jumps, outdoor training, etc. This shoe is available for both Men and Kids at the affordable cost of $99.99 (99 being JJ Watt’s NFL number). Click on the images below for full details!

Shop JJ Watt's new Reebok JJ I shoe for only $99.98!

Shop JJ Watt's new Reebok JJ I shoe for only $99.98!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know below as I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading and have a terrific day!


Gold’s Gym Ab Wheel
      • Product: Gold’s Gym Ab Wheel fulfilled by Amazon
      • Company: Gold’s Gym
      • My Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10
  • You can use it in a forward direction, and sideways to the left or right.  If you visit my core exercise page you can see in more detail the different ways I show how to use an Ab Wheel.  One feature I particularly like about this wheel is the foam handles on each side.  It helps you get a good grip on the handle so it doesn’t slide or move on you while using it.  My palms sweat a lot when I work out so it works great for me.

This type of Ab Wheel has dual wheels so it affords more stability than single wheel versions.  The single wheels can still be good, but these are a little sturdier in my opinion.  It’s a very simple piece of equipment to use that can be used just about anywhere in the house.  It doesn’t require a lot of space for you to use it either.

Another thing I like about it is it’s light weight and very mobile.  If you’re traveling it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.  This way you can take it with you anywhere you go and still get a good ab work out in on the road.  I personally use this type of ab wheel myself and highly recommend it.

You can click here for more information on the wheel or to order yours today!  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to offer a personal review on the wheel please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Take car everyone and have a wonderful day!


Elliptical Training

Hello!  Today I want to share with you some information about elliptical training and some things to look for if purchasing an elliptical.  Ellipticals can be a great alternative to running, whether it’s on a treadmill or other type surface because it’s a lesser impact on your joints.  You can get a low, moderate, or high intensity workout for your upper and lower body at the same time.

On average, you can burn about 200-300 calories in a 30 minute workout on an elliptical depending on the intensity level.  Now I’d like to point out some things to be aware of when shopping for an elliptical.

Intensity – A good elliptical will have a wide range of intensity levels to choose from.  Most will have anywhere from about 5-20 levels.  It should also have a variety of programs available such as interval training, fat burner, manual, etc.  Being able to gradually change settings between levels is important, so make sure it has that capability.

When using an elliptical the middle level should feel challenging to you.  This will allow room for progression to higher levels so you don’t plateau too soon.  It will also enable you to reduce the levels for your cool-down.  If you’re looking to challenge yourself even more, some have the ability to incline upward.

Ergonomics – When using the handles your body shouldn’t deviate from a vertical or upright position.   The pedals shouldn’t be too far apart, this can cause stress on your ankles, knees, inner thighs, and hips.  The pedals and hand grips should flow smoothly while your arms and legs are in motion. Ellipticals can come with either single or multiple hand grips.  Multiple hand grips allow for more movement of your upper body.

You should always try an elliptical out in person before buying it.  If you see one you like online you should go to a store and test it out.  If you still like it, then you can always go back online and order it. Ellipticals have many more moving parts than treadmills or bicycles.  Everyone’s body is slightly different, so you want to make sure it conforms to your body comfortably before purchasing it.

Size – Most ellipticals on average are around 2.5 feet by 6 feet in size.  The larger ones usually last longer and are normally a little sturdier and solid.  Also, they usually have a longer warranty and more levels to choose from.

Display Panel – The display panel should be bright, clear, and easy to read.  All the buttons should be clearly marked and big enough to easily press while exercising.  The amount of screens should depend on what type of workouts you’re looking to do.  It doesn’t have to have a lot of screens to be effective in providing a good workout session.

Heart Rate Sensor – Some ellipticals have heart rate sensors while others do not.  Many times, the smaller and less expensive ones won’t have them.  If you’re really serious about your fitness and making sure your heart rate gets elevated enough, I would suggest getting one that has it.  The sensor will give you feedback on whether you’re hitting your target heart rate or not, and let you know if the intensity level needs to be increased.

Safety – Children and pets should be kept away from the elliptical at all times, especially while it’s in motion.  Also, many can weigh up to 400 lbs or more so please be careful if you have to move it from one location to another.

If you’re not mechanically inclined you should request it be assembled after buying it.  Most retailers will offer that option, you normally have to pay a little more for the service but at least it should be assembled correctly.  That way you shouldn’t have to worry about anything malfunctioning that could put your safety at risk.

Price – The prices on ellipticals can vary anywhere from around $300 to about $9000 depending on size and how many features you want.  The ones with more electronics on the display panel usually cost a little more as well.  You should keep in mind that just because an elliptical has many electronic options, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than ones that don’t have as many.

Make sure it has all the programs available as well as the other things I mentioned to suit your needs. I’ve listed a few ellipticals below that I think are some good options to choose from.  I’ve also given a brief description of them as well.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer sold by and ships from Amazon
  • Company: ProForm
  • Warranty: 5 Year Frame Warranty, 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty
  • My Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Pros – One of the best things I like about this trainer is it can be changed from a recumbent bike to an elliptical trainer easily.  It has 16 programs to choose from which include interval and manual programs. The console is iFit Bluetooth smart enabled, has a tablet holder, and is iPod compatible.  It has cushioned foot pedals for comfort and joint support.  It also has a durable steel frame that makes it solid, safe, and it doesn’t make a lot of noise.  The price is very reasonable considering you basically get 2 pieces of equipment.

Cons – This one only offers a 5 year frame warranty and other Proform models offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.  The iFit feature requires an iFit subscription and the console doesn’t include a fan.  It also can’t be folded up so it’s not ideal for saving space.

Summary – Overall, I think it’s a great machine that’s very affordable, durable, and doesn’t make a lot of noise.  If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, it may not be for you.  However, if you’re looking for a good quality, basic elliptical to get an excellent workout I definitely recommend it.  Please click here for more information on the elliptical or to order yours today!

Bowflex Max Trainer M3
  • Product: Bowflex Max Trainer M3 sold by Bowflex
  • Company: Bowflex
  • Price: $999.00
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • My Personal Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Bowflex Max Trainer M3


Pros – The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is a beginner’s level model in the elliptical family of equipment by Bowflex.  This model is pretty reasonable at slightly below $1000.00.  It has the ability to burn 2 1/2 times more calories while engaging the upper body more than most ellipticals.  It has minimal impact on your back, knees, and other joints.  It basically combines the functionality of an elliptical and stair stepper in one machine.  It also has a display screen that’s easy to read and tablet holder. It’s slim design doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

Cons – The warranty isn’t as long as some ellipticals and only lasts a year.  It doesn’t have an iPod or Bluetooth connections as well.  It also doesn’t have heart rate sensors, but you can monitor your heart rate with a chest strap.  This one only has 8 resistance levels and 2 workout programs.  It also doesn’t have as many features on the display screen as other models.

Summary – Bowflex has long been known for its high quality cardio machines and I think the M3 is one of the better ones.  For the value of the elliptical I think it’s reasonably priced.  It doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can use it just about anywhere in your home.  There is a newer model out, the M5, that has more features, however I think the M3 is still a great elliptical for the money.  Please click here for more details on the M3 or to order yours today!


Body Solid Endurance E7 HRC Cardio Elliptical Machine
  • Product: Body Solid Endurance E7 HRC Cardio Elliptical Machine sold by Net2Fitness
  • Company: Body Solid
  • Price: $1799.99
  • Warranty: In-Home Lifetime Warranty, 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • My Personal Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Body Solid Endurance E7 HRC Cardio Elliptical Machine

Pros – The 18.5 inch stride on the Body Solid E7 is long and allows most users to take full steps easily. The pedals are cushioned for comfort and are anti-skid.  It’s designed to save you space so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the home.

It has an excellent warranty compared to many other ellipticals.  It also doesn’t make a lot of noise as opposed to other cardio machines.  It’s made with heavy gauge welded steel so the frame is very solid.

Cons – The programming isn’t quite as good as other ellipticals.  The heart rate control workouts are useful for some people, however they aren’t really necessary for a lot of folks.  It also only has 5 traditional pre-set programs and 4 cardiovascular programs.  The display panel isn’t iPad or Bluetooth compatible and is very basic.

Summary – It’s a very durable and solid machine that can still give you a great cardiorespiratory workout.  If you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles, and internet access isn’t important, I would definitely recommend it.  The cost is reasonable and the warranty is outstanding compared to others. Please click here for more information on the elliptical or if you’d like to order yours today!


Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical
  • Product: Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer sold by Yowza Fitness
  • Company: Yowza Fitness
  • Price: $2899.00
  • Warranty: In-Class Lifetime Warranty
  • My Personal Rating 9.9 out of 10


Pros – If you’re looking for an elliptical with all the bells and whistles, this is it.  The Yowza Miami has plenty of diverse programs, 16 to be exact, that include endurance and interval training.  It’s ideal for losing weight and building muscle because of its programs.  It also has a recovery phase to gradually bring your heart rate back to normal as you’re winding down your workout.  It has a user friendly console that has a table rack and clearly labeled buttons.  Below is a video of the elliptical.

This one has a Bluetooth speaker so it doesn’t have a cord while you’re using the music player.  It also has an adjustable incline which can be raised up to 60%.  It has a 19″ to 32″ adjustable stride, weight management software, and a built-in heart rate receiver.  One nice thing is the handles rotate in a circular motion similar to driving a car.  This makes it great for getting your core involved while you work out.  It’s constructed very well and has an extremely durable frame.

Cons – It is expensive, but I do feel it’s a great value for your investment and the lifetime of the machine.  It does take up a lot of space so it’s definitely not a space saver.  It also weighs 400 lbs so it’s not easily moved from one location to another.

Summary – The Yowza Miami has just about everything an elliptical could have to suit your needs.  If you’re looking for a state of the art trainer this is pretty much it.  It is a bit pricey, but you definitely get a great quality machine to work out on.  Please click here for more information on the Yowza Miami elliptical or if you’d like to order one today!


Dietary Protein   

Hello!  I’d like to go over some important information regarding protein consumption.  Ideally, you should eat about 5-6 times a day.  Three of these occasions should be meals and the other 2-3 times should be healthy snacks.  The recommended percent of protein in your daily diet should be between 10%-35%.

Now, if you’re not currently working out 150 minutes or more a week, then you can be closer to the 10%-20% range depending how active you are.  Also, please don’t go over the recommended intake levels of protein because too much protein can be hard on your kidneys and cause other physical problems.

However, if you’re working out at least 150 minutes a week like you should, then you should aim closer to the 20%-35% range.  These percentages also depend on how active you are throughout the day.  If you have a job that keeps you sedentary for much of the day, you should definitely aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Importance of Protein – Protein plays a huge role in the balance of your overall diet.  It is essential for the health of your skin, hair, nails, and helps to fight infection.  It also carries nutrients to your cells and aids in repair of muscle fibers.  If you’re just starting out in a workout program about 30%-35% of your diet should come from protein.

This is needed to help your body rebuild muscle tissue and reduce soreness to help you recover for your next workout.  However, because of the hectic lifestyle pace many people live they’re unable to eat healthy meals. has protein bars, drinks, and foods that can help you bridge the gap during the day to keep up with your protein intake.  If you have a busy schedule and it’s hard to get your protein from normal meals these can definitely come in handy.  Or even if you don’t have a busy schedule, you can also use them to satisfy your protein requirement and enhance your meal.

Many of their items taste great and aren’t bland compared to other replacement foods.  For more information on their protein food items please click here. is currently having a great sale on the offers below!  


If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I’ll be glad to get back to you.  Thanks for your time and have a fantastic day!



Hello!  Whether you’re fairy active on a regular basis or a couch potato, pedometers can be great devices to help improve your activity level.  So I wanted to give you some basic information regarding pedometers.  Research has shown that people who use pedometers walk on average 1 mile more per day than people who don’t use them.  An average daily step count of 10,000 steps is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many pedometers today provide much more information than just number of steps taken.  Many can tell you how many calories you’re burning, heart rate, sleep quality, and other information.  GPS pedometers are usually very accurate outdoors because they work off a satellite.

However, they can sometimes run up to $200-$300 dollars, and many people aren’t looking to spend quite that much on a pedometer.  There are other pedometers that don’t use a GPS that still provide accurate data.  I’d like to give you some information on 3 pedometers that I would recommend.

Timex T5E011 Digital Pedometer
  • Product:  Timex T5E011 Digital Pedometer ships from and sold by Amazon
  • Company:  Timex
  • My Personal Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Pros This pedometer is easy to use and understand as it doesn’t have a lot of complicated features. It’s a great device to use to increase your activity level and the battery has a long life which is also included. It can also track distance in miles or kilometers and records the number of calories you burn as well.

Cons –   It doesn’t have an accelerometer and some other features many pedometers have.  If you’re looking for a device with a lot of fancy options this probably won’t be a good fit for you.

SummaryThe Timex   T5E011  is a great digital pedometer that doesn’t have a lot of extras.   However, if you wear it on your hip as it’s intended to be, it can be an excellent choice to help increase your activity level.  If you’re looking for something basic without a lot of technology I definitely recommend it.

If you have a personal review of this pedometer you’d like to share please let us know.  Also, if you have any comments or questions feel free to let me know and I will get back to you.  Please click here for more details on this pedometer or to order yours today!  

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
  • Product:  Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Lime sold on Amazon site
  • Company:  Fitbit
  • My Personal Rating:  9.8 out of 10

Pros The Fitbit Zip has the ability to sync up to a mobile app on an iOS device.  It can also track calories, food, steps, and other activities compared to just steps and calories like other trackers.  It has become increasingly popular among folks using pedometers recently.  The mobile app is able to give you a good picture of your progress and activity level.  It’s highly portable, has Bluetooth syncing, touchscreen, and lightweight for an app.

Cons The screen is pretty small which only allows you to see one stat at a time.  The price is also a little more than some of the more basic pedometers.

Summary If you’re looking for a pedometer with great quality that enables you to do a lot more than just track steps, I highly recommend this one.  The cost is a little higher than some of the simpler models, but I think you still get an awesome value for your money.

If you have a personal review you’d like to share about this particular pedometer please let us know your thoughts.  If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to ask and I will get back to you.   Please click here for more details on the pedometer or to order yours today!

Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker
  • Product:  Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker sold on Amazon site
  • Company:  Nike
  • My Personal Rating:  9.3 out of 10

Pros – The Nike+Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker has a bright LED display with a nicely designed rubber wristband that fits comfortably.  The rubberized band for it is also very durable.  It’s easy to use and counts steps, calories, and the distance you’ve traveled.  It has an accelerometer to track your running and walking steps.  It also measures your sleep quality by syncing to an iOS device which tells you how long and deep you slept.

Cons – This particular pedometer doesn’t come with an altimeter so you can’t track how many flights of stairs you climb.  It’s also a little more expensive than the more basic pedometers.

Summary – The Nike+ Fuelband SE is great for tracking many types of activities besides steps.  It has a stylish design that also appeals to many people.  To activate the pedometer and its app you’ll need to enter your height, weight, and age to calculate your calories.  The price is more than many traditional pedometers, but I feel the value and options you get are worth the cost.

If you have a personal review of this pedometer or any others you’d like to share please let us know.  Or if you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.  Please click here for more details on this pedometer or to order yours today!  Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!



ZumbaHello!  Ditch the workout, join the party.  Have you heard that phrase before?  That’s been the mantra of many Zumba classes over recent years.  Zumba has been very popular for many people and it definitely has some great benefits.

It’s basically like a big Latin dance party, so it’s usually more enjoyable than traditional exercise for a lot of folks.  Below are some of the benefits you can get from Zumba.


1. Cardio – On average, you can burn about 369 calories from a one hour Zumba class.  It’s considered an interval workout meaning your heart rate goes up and down during the session.  This activates your heart and lungs more than steady state cardio training.

2. Core – Zumba strengthens your core because many times your trunk and hips are moving fairly quickly.

3. Legs & Glutes – Your legs and glutes (buttocks) get an awesome workout from all the dancing involved.

4. Flexibility – With all the rapid and fluid movements required your joints become stronger.

5. Power – Because of all the explosive jumping and bouncing you can increase your overall power.

6. Blood Pressure & Diabetes – Zumba has been found to help reduce blood pressure and help control blood sugar levels.

7. Strength – Some Zumba classes incorporate light weights with the training so it’s possible to improve your strength as well.


Make sure you consult with your doctor before beginning a Zumba class.  This way he or she can examine you and tell you if it’s a good fit for you.  If you have weak knees or ankles you may have to modify some of the movements or choose another type of workout.  You can discuss this with your doctor also.


Tony Horton’s PowerStands
  • Product: Tony Horton’s PowerStands sold on Amazon site
  • Company: Beachbody
  • My Personal Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Hello!  One way to get the most out of an upper body workout is to use push-up stands.  However, it’s also important to make sure you’re using quality stands that are stable.  Without good stability your risk of injury becomes higher.  I personally prefer the Tony Horton Power Stands because of their durability, strength, and depth.  For those that are unaware, Tony Horton is the trainer that appears on the P90X fitness videos.

The stands are made with a premium grade, heavy duty ABS plastic that’s very strong.  I know a lot of people don’t like to hear the word plastic when it comes to push-up stands, however these are still very stable.

Another thing I like about these particular stands is they have a circular base that’s nonskid.  Many push-up bars don’t have a circular base, and as a result they have a tendency to roll on you while using them, but I’ve never had that problem with these.

Also, the handles are angled downward to minimize wrist strain making them ergonomically correct. In addition to being angled correctly, the handles are foam which makes your grip more comfortable. Overall, I think they’re an excellent value for the cost.  I believe they will definitely enhance your push-up experience allowing you to achieve optimum upper body strength.

Click here for more information on the stands or to order yours today!  If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.  Thanks for your time and have a great day!


 Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights for Women, Men, & Kids
  • Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights for Women, Men, & Kids sold on Amazon site
  • Company: Nordic Lifting
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • My Personal Rating: 9.9 out of 10

Hello!  Ankle/Wrist weights can be a way to add some variety to your regular workout.  They can help make some moves more challenging to help you progress to that next level.  They’re great for adding intensity to strengthen your arms and legs.  They can be used for running, walking, or pretty much any type of workout.

I’d like to give you some information on my personal favorite ankle/wrist weights which are the ones by Nordic Lifting.  I like them for a number of reasons.

To start out with they have a professional appearance and are very comfortable because of the ergonomical design.  They’re filled with sand and made with a neoprene fabric which adds to the comfort.  It has a 14″ velcro adjustable strap so it’s made to fit just about anyone, regardless of your size.  They’re also very durable with reinforced stitching so they don’t break easily.

Another one of my favorite features is the reflective trim.  This comes in handy for safety if using them outdoors.  Cleaning the weights is a breeze because all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth and let dry.  Please don’t immerse or soak them in water.  The weights also come with a mesh carrying pouch making them easy to store and travel with.

You can choose from 3 different sizes, (1 lb pair), (2 lb pair), or (3 lb pair).  If you’re just starting out in a fitness program or haven’t worked out in a while, you may want to start with the 1 lb option.

Summary – For the value and quality you get with these weights I highly recommend them.  If you’re looking to spice up your workout routine these are an excellent choice.  You can use them in just about any type of environment for any type of workout.  You can use them at home, but they’re also small enough you can easily take them anywhere else, whether it’s the gym, traveling out of town, etc.

Please click here for more information or to order yours today!  If you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comments section.  Thanks for reading and best of luck to a healthy lifestyle!


Can Vapes Help You Quit Smoking?

Can Vapes Help You Quit Smoking?

Hello!  Today I’d like to do a little review on whether vapes can help a person quit smoking.  The reason I’m doing a review like this is because I like to take a holistic approach when it comes to health and fitness.  I believe there’s a lot more to being healthy and fit than just physical exercises.

I know smoking is a vice that affects many people and prevents them from being in optimal health.  If there’s an avenue for them to quit smoking then I feel I should share it with them, hence my review.

Before I get too deep into talking about vaping, I want to share some side effects of smoking.  In my opinion these are definitely some good reasons to quit smoking.  If you smoke over a long period of time you have an increased risk of the following:

  1. Stroke, heart disease, brain damage
  2. Loss of smell and taste
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Cancer of nose, lips, tongue, mouth, lungs, throat, or anywhere in your body
  5. Emphysema, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Early wrinkles
  8. Weakened immune system

Now I’d like to share some information on why I think vaping is a good way to take the first step to quit smoking.  In a recent news release the Royal College of Physicians suggest switching to vaping to avoid all the harm that comes from smoking.  They also claim it’s a viable option in helping people stop smoking.  Their research shows that e-cigarettes are estimated to have only 5% of the risks associated with cigarettes.  To see the news release please click here.

They did say some harm may occur as a result of toxins in e-cigarettes over many years, but the harm will probably be small compared to the harm from cigarettes during the same time.  In recent studies there really hasn’t been any evidence found that shows e-cigarettes lead to smoking either.  Vapes have also been found to lead to attempts to quit smoking.  These same efforts most likely wouldn’t be attempted without the vapes.

Scientists have recommended people start with e-cigarettes that have nicotine in them and then switch to non nicotine vapes over time.  This seems to yield better results so folks can gradually break the addiction to nicotine instead of trying to do it suddenly.  They also suggested that people be patient when first using vapes.  It may take several months or more for some people to be able to stop vaping.

However, the damage to their body is tremendously less than if they smoke normal cigarettes.  That alone should be reason enough for someone to try vaping if they want to quit smoking.  Also, by not smoking a person can increase many areas of their fitness by having a stronger cardiorespiratory system.  They’re lungs will gradually get stronger, enabling them to have better stamina and endurance for any workout they do.

I’d just like to end with this.  Not smoking anything is the best option of all.  But, if you’ve tried to quit smoking in the past and were unsuccessful, I’d highly suggest giving vaping a try.


Heaven Gifts

Heaven Gifts is an electronic cigarette company that’s based out of China and was established in 2007. They’re one of the leading companies in e-cigarettes and they’ve helped many people eventually stop smoking.

Of course, not smoking anything at all is always the best route to go.  However, if you currently smoke and are looking for a tool to help you take the first step to break the habit, Heaven Gifts can definitely help you.  They have a wide array of products including starter kits if it’s your first time vaping.

Or, if you’re already vaping and want to see what other products might help you, they have many options to look at.  For more information on what they have to offer with starter kits please click here.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Commercial ProgramsCommercial Workout Programs

Hello!  It seems like nowadays everyone is looking for the newest exercise craze to get them in shape.  They want to know the most popular fad so they can join in and lose weight or tone up.  Because of this, many companies are always creating workout programs you can do at home.

Whether it’s cardio training, dancing, or bulking up, it seems like there’s always something different hitting the market.  Now, many of these programs can get you in really good shape.  However, if you want to invest in one of them, there are some things you should consider before starting.

Goals – There are many different programs out there covering a lot of areas of fitness.  Make sure the program is tailored to meet the goals you’re trying to achieve.  For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, you should get a program that has good cardiorespiratory exercises.  Conversely, if your main goal is to bulk up and increase muscular strength, make sure the program has strength building exercises included in it.

Build Up – A lot of commercial workout sessions are designed to be completed from beginning to end by someone in an advanced stage of fitness.  So if you haven’t worked out in a while and are in a deconditioned state, I would suggest this.  Do moderate exercises at least 150 minutes a week or more, for 3-4 weeks before beginning the program.  This way you can gradually build your endurance and strength up before starting.

Pace Yourself – Since many workout programs are fairly extreme for beginners, make sure you pace yourself as you go along.  Listen to your body, take adequate breaks, and don’t push yourself to the point of pain or injury.  It’s ok to feel fatigue or discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel pain.  If you feel pain, you should stop immediately and take a break.  If the pain persists you should seek medical attention.

Sometimes you may not be able to imitate what the people on the videos are doing.  It’s ok to do modified versions of exercises if necessary.  Examples may include doing push-ups on your knees, pull-ups with a chair, marching in place instead of running.

Water – Make sure you drink plenty of water with any workout you do, especially if it’s high intensity or high impact.

Commercial Workout ProgramsAttitude – Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not able to keep up with the folks in the videos.  Remember, most of them are in an advanced stage of fitness and you’re probably just starting out. What’s important is that you stay committed to the program you choose.

If you do your best for each workout and eat a healthy diet, over time you should see results.  You also need to be patient because the results won’t happen overnight.

Summary – Exercising 150 minutes a week or more and eating a nutritious diet is a path to great fitness.  Investing in a workout program can be a great tool to help you get those 150 plus minutes.  As I mentioned earlier, be patient, committed, and don’t push yourself too hard.  Also, please make sure you get cleared by a doctor before starting any workout program.  If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.  Thanks for your time and take care!


Chango R4 Ultimate Balance Board
    • Product: Chango R4 Ultimate Balance Board
    • Price: $71.95
    • Company:
    • My Personal Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Chango R4 Ultimate Balance Board

Hello!  Today I want to share with you a way to help you enhance your balance.  Balance is one of the components of fitness that often times gets overlooked.  However, it’s every bit as important as the other 8 components.

Having good balance can not only improve your performance while exercising, it can also help with activities of daily living.  Using a balance board is a great way to challenge yourself physically and improve your body’s balance.

The Chango R4 Ultimate Balance Board is actually 2 boards in one.  One way it can be used is as a rocker board, and the other way is as a wobble board.  It comes with 2 small rocker balls that are wooden so it can be used as a rocker board.  These rocker balls are attached to the board, but can be removed.  It also has a yellow ball that can be used in the center of the board to turn it into a wobble board.

The board is a good way to activate your lower extremity and back muscles, while at the same time working on your balance.  When using the board your muscles work in conjunction with each other allowing for good bone movement.

Your nervous system is also involved and this helps strengthen your balance, coordination, and reflexes. Your inner ear is stimulated which helps your vertigo and awareness.  Since your back muscles become stronger another thing it does is lead to better posture.

While using it as a wobble board it can tilt up to 14 degrees, and up to 20 degrees as a balance board.   The board covers a 16 inch diameter and is very strong supporting up to 500 lbs.

Summary – If you’re really serious about your fitness and want to work on all 9 components of fitness, balance is a key part of the equation.  The Chango R4 Ultimate Balance Board is an excellent tool to help you improve your balance.  It can be used at home and is also safe to use because of its large diameter. Please click here for more information on the board or to order yours today!

If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.


Grafco Pedal Floor Exerciser, Fully Asembled                 Pedal Floor Exerciser, Fully Assembled
  • Product: Grafco Pedal Floor Exerciser, Fully Assembled
  • Company: Grafco sold by
  • Price: $38.49
  • My Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Hello!  Cardiorespiratory and strength training are important for all of us to do so we can keep our heart, lungs, circulation, and muscles healthy.  However, some folks have limited mobility with their hips, arms, or legs which can make it difficult to do exercises.  The Grafco Pedal Floor Exerciser is a simple tool that helps people with reduced mobility still get some cardio and strength training into their fitness plan.

It provides a softer form of low impact aerobic training that’s gentle on the joints.  It helps improve the body’s circulation and provides strength training to the arms and leg muscles at the same time.  It’s not a large piece of equipment and can be easily stored or traveled with.  The pedal exerciser is also durable with a chrome finish giving it a professional look.

The exerciser is dual purpose so you can either work out your arms or legs.  It comes assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting it together.  To use the exerciser for your legs, you place your feet into the stirrups and simply pedal it the same as if you were on a bike.  You can adjust the knob in the middle to increase or decrease the resistance.  You can also use it for your arms and shoulders.

To use it for your upper body, you place the exerciser on a table.  Then you place your hands on the pedals and move them in a forward or backwards motion depending on your preference.  You can also adjust the resistance for your hands and arms by turning the knob in the middle just like with your legs. The device is very easy to use and you can use it just about anywhere such as watching tv, reading a book, etc.

Please click here for more information on the pedal exerciser or to order yours today!  If you have any comments or questions about this tool please let me know and I’ll gladly get back to you.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Product & Service Reviews”

  1. Hey Jon

    I’m just getting started trying to get fit. I looked through your reviews and they all look like they would help me get in shape. Could you tell me what would be the best for a beginner without spending too much money for something I am not ready for.
    Thanks Jeremy

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Since you’re just beginning a fitness program the ProForm 320 Hybrid Trainer is good for starting out. That’s because you can use it as a stationary bike at a low level first, then when you feel like you’re strong enough you can adjust it to a standing elliptical. As a standing elliptical you can also start out at a low level and gradually progress to higher levels. It’s great for cardio and strength combined and easy to use. Thanks for your question and if you need any more information feel free to let me know. Take care and have a great day!


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