Pokemon Go For Exercise

Pokemon Go For ExerciseHello!  By now almost all of us have heard about the Pokemon Go craze.  Reports have shown over 100 million people have downloaded the app since it was released.


Now, I’m probably one of a very few people who thought wow, what a great way for so many people to get some exercise when I saw the numbers.

I don’t know much about Pokemon, but I’ve seen many people walking around with their heads down looking at their phones.  Many of them also cover some long distances.  So if you play Pokemon Go, today I’d like to share with you some tips on getting more out of it than walking.  I’ll also be going over some of the benefits you can get from playing it.

Exercise With Pokemon

Cardio – Since Pokemon Go requires you to go from one point to another, getting some cardio isn’t a problem.  If you want to make it even more intense, you could even do a slight jog when navigating your points.

Legs – Your lower body can definitely get a workout and strengthened from playing the game.  Some people have reported soreness in their legs while playing.  If you know you’re going to be walking a long distance, it’s a good idea to do some leg stretches before starting.

Also, since the game sometimes requires you to go over different terrains it can be beneficial.  Walking uphill is great for your glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings.

Pokemon Go For ExerciseExercise at Stops – Each time you catch a Pocket Monster character, or have to change directions stop and do an exercise.

Push-ups, burpees, crunchies, or jumping jacks are a few examples, but you can do any exercise you like.

If you’re with some friends you can do a little group exercise and have fun.

Mental Health – Exercise has been shown to help relieve stress so Pokemon Go is no different.  Going out and getting some fresh air is good for your cardiorespiratory system.  Also, meeting and socializing with other people can help relieve stress.  Everyone can actually have a lot of fun in the process.

Play Pokemon Go With Your Kids

If you’re an adult who isn’t really into Pokemon but your kids are, go ahead and play the game with them.  That way you and your kids can get some excellent exercise while having fun at the same time.


Stay aware of your surroundings while playing, especially if you’re in an urban area.  Don’t forget to look up from your phone from time to time, making sure you don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation.  Also, wear proper fitting and comfortable shoes.

Since a lot of walking is involved you don’t want to get blisters or have problems with your feet.  For more information on fitness footwear you can see my Reviews page here.

Summary – Now that we’re living in a world of technology, there’s nothing wrong with using it for positive and healthy effects.  Any tech game that gets you moving and involves physical activity can be used as exercise.

Whether it’s WII, Pokemon Go, or any other similar game it’s ok to have fun with it and get a workout in at the same time.  If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I’ll gladly get back to you. Thanks for reading and Pokemon Go!


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6 thoughts on “Pokemon Go For Exercise”

  1. Hi Jon first I want to say that I am not all that familiar with Pokemon-Go. I have heard about it and was curious as to what it was. Now that you have cleared that up for me I love how you have taken this new latest fad and not only turned it into good exercise but also turn it into something the whole family can do. Families seem to be growing apart and this will help bring them together plus help them get some much needed exercise. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Yes, Pokemon Go can be a good way for families to spend time together and also get exercise at the same time. It can also be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!


  2. This is what makes this game an actual good idea – it does actually make people get out the house more and stretch their legs. It’s gotta be better than sitting watching tv or playing playstation!

    Great post. I’m glad you wrote this because a lot of people have been complaining about Pokemon Go and I don’t see why!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      I agree, it definitely makes people get off the couch and be more active which is a good thing. They also get to have some fun in the process. Thanks for your reply and have a fantastic day!


  3. This is a very interesting approach to pokemon go and something which I think should be used by many!

    Instead of obsessing over your pokemon, why not use it as an excuse to get a work out in? I can’t think of a better way to do it to be honest. Great post!

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I agree it’s a good approach to making Pokemon Go a productive experience.  Thanks for your input and Take Care,


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