How To Keep Motivated To Work Out

Hello!  Have you ever been at a point in your life where you worked out hard for months to get in great shape?  What happened after you got to that point, did you slack off on your workout routine so much that you got out of shape and had to start all over again?  Or did you like the results so much, you made a commitment to yourself that there’s no way I’m going back to the way I was?

Hopefully, you decided to keep your routine going because it’s much easier to maintain your fitness than try to recapture it.  I’m going to share with you some ways to keep yourself motivated so you don’t lose that edge to work out.  If you’re not in the shape you want just yet that’s fine.  You may be able to use this information in the future after you get to that point.

Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated to Exercise

1 – Make Working Out a Habit – If you make exercising a regular habit you’ll be more inclined to do it.  You’ll be less likely to fall into the conundrum of saying to yourself “should I or shouldn’t I”.  You should try to get to a point where it becomes a habit so routine that it’s similar to brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

I know when I first started working out on a regular basis, if I missed a day for any reason I felt out of sync.  I wanted to go harder the next time I worked out to make up for it.

2 – Create Higher Goals – Challenge yourself each time you work out to reach a goal slightly higher than your last workout.  This could be anything such as pushing yourself to do one more push-up, walk a 1/4 mile longer, etc.  This way you can continually motivate yourself to excel.

3 – Look at an Older Picture of Yourself – If you have a picture of yourself before you started working out, look at it periodically to remind yourself of the changes that have happened to you.  This can help motivate you to never want to go back to how you looked in the past.

How to Keep Motivated to Work Out







4Old Clothing – If you have some old clothes you can look at them as another reminder of how far you’ve come in your fitness.  You can even try them on once in a while so you can swim in them to get a laugh.

5Family and Friend Support – Ask family members, a significant other, or friends to give you moral support.  If they care about you, they shouldn’t have a problem encouraging you to keep up the good work to stay in shape.  Who knows, after seeing the results you achieved they may want to join you and start an exercise program for themselves.

6Reflect On What You Can Do Now – Think about things you can do now that you couldn’t do before working out.  For example, maybe before you started exercising you couldn’t walk up 3 flights of stairs without getting winded.  Perhaps now you can walk up 10 flights without any problems. Think about how hard it would be if you had to start all over and could only walk 3 flights again.

7Do Yoga – Doing yoga can help improve your mental strength and self-discipline.  This can increase your ability to stay committed to your fitness program.

8Join a Fitness Club – Some people prefer working out in a fitness center instead of at home.  If this is your preference, you can join your local fitness club and make some new friends to work out with.  This way you can support each other as you continue in your fitness program.

9Think About the Future – Research has shown that people who exercise 150 minutes a week or more have a better chance of living longer than people who are sedentary.  With this being said, you should make plans to do things in the future.  I say this because your life expectancy will probably be longer than if you stop working out.

How to Keep Motivated to Work Out






10Variety – Variety is the spice of exercise!  Make sure you keep variety in your exercise program to fend off boredom.  You could try some fun activities like a nature hike, swimming, bicycling, or any type of physical activity that’s fun to you.

Also, if you have kids you can get them involved and play games with them such as tag, basketball, or anything that makes you move.  This way you both can have fun and the kids get some exercise as well.

11Maintain a Healthy Diet – Once you’re at a point where you’re satisfied with your fitness, don’t digress because of a poor diet.  Don’t reward yourself so much and so often with high-fat, sugary foods that you get away from a proper diet.

Treating yourself to sweets is ok once in a while, but it should be done in moderation.  Remember, eating a healthy diet is just as important to staying fit as exercise.

Summary – Hopefully, this information has been helpful in letting you know ways to fight complacency so the fit body you’ve worked hard for doesn’t disappear.  Once you’re in the shape you want to be or close to it, it’s much less difficult to maintain your shape than to try and regain it. It’s kind of like the saying “move it or lose it”.

In this case, it means you have to keep moving to avoid losing your physical condition.  If you’d like to share any experiences about being in shape and then falling out of shape, or what you did to get back in shape, please let us know.

If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.  Thanks for your time and have an awesome day!  Take care,



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