How To Get Fit With FITTE

Hello everyone!  Today I want to share with you valuable information to be aware of when starting or during a fitness regimen.  FITTE is an acronym that stands for frequency, intensity, time, type, and enjoyment.

If you’re wondering how to get fit quick you can stop wondering because that concept isn’t realistic.  Fitness is a process that evolves over time with proper diet and exercise.  However, by keeping some of these factors in mind it can help you expedite that process.  I’ve broken down each factor into more detail below.

Frequency– Frequency refers to how often you exercise.  This could be twice a week, three times a week, etc.  You want to aim for a total of 150 minutes per week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Intensity– Intensity is the level of demand an exercise places on the body. You should do a minimum of 60-90 minutes of cardiovascular training each week depending on your fitness goals.  During cardio training you can monitor the intensity level you’re at by checking your maximum heart rate also known as MHR.

If you’re in a deconditioned state or just starting an exercise program your pulse shouldn’t exceed 60%-70% of your MHR.  To determine your MHR you subtract your age from 220.  For example, if your age is 40 then your maximum heart rate would be 180.  Therefore, your pulse during exercise should be between 108-126 which is known as your Target Heart Rate.

If your heart rate during exercise is over 126 you should slow down until it gets in the proper zone.  Conversely, if it’s below 108 you should increase the intensity until it hits the correct zone as well.  Also, depending on your level of fitness you may have to increase your heart rate zone to 71%-80% of your MHR to challenge yourself.

How To Get Fit With FITTE







However, you shouldn’t aim for over 70% until you can successfully maintain a 60%-70% range of your MHR. You should be able to maintain this for at least 3 consecutive workouts without overwhelming duress.

Time– time refers to the length of time engaged in an exercise and is usually measured in minutes.  This could be a 30 minute session, 45 minute session, 60 minute session, etc.  It’s normally recommended to do a 30 minute session at least 5 times a week if you’re just starting out.

Type– Type is the type of exercise used.  This can be just about any activity or movement.  If it’s cardio related some examples could be walking, jogging, use of a treadmill, etc.  If it’s strength related it may be something like lifting weights, body resistance exercises, exercise bands, etc.  Again, this could be literally anything depending on which body parts are involved.

Enjoyment– Enjoyment is the amount of pleasure you get from an activity.  This is often overlooked by many fitness professionals, but yet is essential to success in fitness.  If you choose to engage in exercises or activities that suit your interests, you’ll be more inclined to stick with a fitness program.

How To Get Fit With FITTE






Also, the best part is that it makes healthy activities more fun!  These could range from anything such as walking in the park, swimming, bicycling, hiking, etc.  So choose some activities you like and have fun with them!

Summary– I wanted to spell out some factors to keep in mind as you decide or engage in an exercise program.  If you’d like some great information on workout tools to help you reach your goals please visit my Reviews page here .  For any questions or comments you may have please leave them and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading and best of luck in your fitness journey!  Take care,



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