How To Get Fit With A Recipe For Success

Hello everyone!  I’d like to share with you 9 major components to getting fit.  I like to call this the fitness recipe for success.  Just like a good chef knows the right ingredients to a great recipe for a delicious meal, you need to know the right ingredients for your recipe to fitness success.  As time goes on I’ll be covering exercises for the 9 areas below.

Ingredients to Fitness


1 Core The core covers a large area from your neck to the bottom of your buttocks.  It’s your body’s center of gravity and where all movement begins.  A strong core is necessary for maintaining muscle balance throughout your body.

2 Cardiovascular Training This is training that utilizes and puts a stress on the cardiovascular system.  Any form of activity such as the treadmill, tennis, and  running can be used as cardiovascular training.  It’s important to have a strong cardio system so you don’t fatigue easily during work outs.  The longer you can sustain exercises and activities the faster you can get in shape.

3 Strength Training – This is sometimes referred to as resistance training.  Strength is basically the muscle’s ability to overcome an external force.  It’s important to do strength training equally for all muscles in your body.

By having strength distribution evenly you’ll minimize chances of injury and be in better overall condition.  You also shouldn’t work the same muscle groups every day.  For some great information on tools to help you reach your cardio and strength goals please visit my Reviews page

Strength Training







4 – Flexibility – Flexibility training can reduce occurrences of muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, and injuries from overuse.  Without good flexibility you won’t be able to achieve great fitness without injury. 

5 – Balance – Whether on a soccer field , riding a bike, or walking down stairs, maintaining balance is important to all functional movements.  Balance training should challenge your limits of stability.  It also fills a gap not addressed by many fitness programs and is key to getting in ideal shape.

6 – Speed – Speed is the ability to move your body in one intended direction as fast as possible.  It is determined by what we call stride rate and stride length.  Stride rate is the number of strides taken in a given amount of time and can be improved upon with training.  Stride length is the distance covered in one stride during running.

7 – Agility – Agility is the ability to start, stop, and change direction quickly while maintaining good posture.  This type of training can enhance core strength and balance.  It can also help prevent injury by improving your body control.

8 – Quickness – Quickness is the ability to react and change body position at a maximum rate.  It also involves being able to react to visual and auditory signals with minimal hesitation.  Many times speed, agility, and quickness are combined into the same exercises.

9 – Power – The final aspect in enhancing fitness is power training, sometimes referred to as reactive training.  You must have good core strength and balance to perform power exercises.  That’s why I saved this component for last.

These exercises are quick, powerful, and explosive movements that are a progression in fitness.  I can’t stress enough how they should only be done after your core and balance are in optimal shape.

In summary– these 9 ingredients I mentioned are a great foundation to building your fitness.  If you know you’re weak in one area over another, you can focus on that area.  However, you shouldn’t abandon any component of fitness totally because it will prevent you from attaining excellent fitness.

Hopefully this information answers some questions you may have on getting in awesome shape.  I’ll be posting more information over time. If you have any questions or comments please let me know as I look forward to hearing from you.  Best of luck to your fitness!

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Fit With A Recipe For Success”

  1. I have recently started to workout, thanks for the information about the 9 major components to getting fit. I found it very helpful.

  2. Hey Jon,

    You certainly have a lot of insightful tips here on how to get fit. I have met many people through the years that are very well built bud don’t have any core strength. This is most probably the most important area of the body to exercise for me. Do you know any exercises I could use to increase my quickness?

    1. Hi Xander,

      Thanks for your comments and question. In regards to improving quickness there are a couple movements you can do to work on it. One is called Box Jump Ups. This is very simple and all you need is a sturdy box that can support your body weight. The box can be 2-4 feet high depending on your lower body strength. All you do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart and crouch down a little. You then jump up on top of the box and then step down. This actually works on quickness and lower body strength such as hamstrings, quads, and calves at the same time.

      Another one you can do is called the Balloon Exercise. You get 3-5 balloons and toss them in the air to start. You then hit them back in the air before they fall without letting any of them hit the ground. If you have a friend with you it can be fun doing it with 2 people as well, you just might need more balloons. This is also great for hand to eye coordination.

      There’s also one called the Ground Ball Exercise and for this one you need two people. One person has a fairly small ball like a tennis ball. The other person stands about 10-20 feet in front of the person with the ball. The person with the ball then rolls it on the ground to the left or right of the other person. The person fielding the ball then moves laterally to the left or right to retrieve it. The person throwing the ball doesn’t say which direction the ball is coming either. Also when the ball is thrown the person fielding it should have to move at least 3-5 steps to retrieve it. I hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to let me know. Take Care,


  3. Hi Jon. I really enjoyed reading your article about how to get fit appropriately. I completely agree with all your points. I usually tend to do cardio and T25 every day to cover all of those and it works amazingly well too. Thanks for the info! I will be visiting back soon.

    1. Hi Cristina,

      Thanks for your comments and compliment about my blog. Since you’re doing T25 every day it sounds like you’re well on your way to a great fitness plan! Take Care,


  4. You are obviously very knowledge on how to get fit. I look forward to reading through your website and learning as much as I can. Do you have any ideas on cognitive strength building? How to improve our memory and concentration? I know good nutrition and exercise help, but do you have any specific information on this area of strength building?

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for the question. Cognitive fitness isn’t really my area of expertise, but I have some information that may help. As far as cognitive strength building goes there are a couple things you can do to help improve concentration. One simple thing you can do is use your non dominant hand when doing some daily activities. For example, if you’re right handed you can try to eat with your left. You can also do this for other activities such as brushing teeth, combing hair, etc. This activates more neural activity in the brain and helps improve concentration. You can also try to learn a foreign language or take a class in a subject you have no previous experience in. These activities also help improve brain function. As far as memory goes these suggestions may help delay memory loss in the future, but they won’t really improve current memory. I hope this helps and thanks again!


  5. Jon, Thank you so much for the excellent review. I am guilty on focusing on one ingredient at a time. For example, if I am doing a lot of Pilates or yoga I stop strength training and running. Sometimes I am guilty of not focusing on any ingredient. You have just pointed out that I need to balance my exercise so that I have a well rounded regimen and have also inspired me to keep on pushing.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you’re inspired to keep moving forward in your regimen and recognized the importance of a balanced program. If you have any questions please let me know, take care.


  6. This is great informative article. I love all the points you made. I already knew about a lot of the things you mentioned, but I definite learned some new things as well, such as balance and quickness. Do you have a recommended schedule or method to fit all of these things into your routine?

    1. Hi John,

      I try to work different areas in on different days. For example, I usually do cardio and resistance (weights or body weight training) twice a week, and core and flexibility at least once a week. A lot of times I’ll combine different areas of fitness into one workout, sort of a combo workout.

      I usually incorporate balance and quickness into many of my core exercises. I also take one day off to give my body a chance to rest and recover. Thanks for commenting and have an awesome day!


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