How To Exercise With A Chair

Hello!  Today I wanted to share with you some ways on how to exercise with a chair.  Exercising with a chair is a great way to improve your core strength.  Having a strong core is essential, because it’s your body’s center of gravity and all action originates from your core.

The exercises I’ll be explaining are simple to do and can be done just about anywhere.  Whether you’re at home, at an office, or in a hotel room, all you need is a stable chair preferably without arms.

It’s also better to use one without wheels.  However, if it does have wheels make sure they’re in a locked position.  Below are a few exercises that can be done with a chair.

Chair Dip

The first one is a basic chair dip.  To do this you start out by placing your hands on the edges of the chair with a firm grasp.  Your knees are bent with your feet flat on the floor.  Then you lower your butt downward as far as you can go without touching the ground.

Once you reach that point, bring your butt back up to the same position you started in.  Repeat the movement doing as many reps as you can.  This exercise not only strengthens your core, but it also improves your tricep strength.

How To Exercise With A Chair
Chair Dips Action Movement
How To Exercise With A Chair
Chair Dips Starting Position


Extended Legs Chair Dip

For this exercise you do it the same way as a regular chair dip, except your legs are straight and extended out.  Since this move is a little more challenging than the basic chair dip, you may not be able to go down as far.

You may have to focus on chair dips first for awhile and then build up to this one depending on your strength.  This also works your core and tricep muscles.

Extended Legs Chair Dips Position Action Movement
Extended Legs Chair Dips Position Action Movement
How To Exercise With A Chair
Extended Legs Chair Dips Starting Position
Elevated Crunchies

You’ll need to make sure the floor is clean before doing this one.  To start out, you place your calves and feet on the seat of the chair while lying down.  You place your right hand on your left shoulder and vice versa. Then you sit up until your looking directly forward.

Then you lower your trunk back to the floor until you’re in the same position you started from.  Repeat the exercise and do as many reps as possible.  Doing this helps improve the strength of your abdominal, hip flexor, and lower back muscles.

How To Exercise With A Chair
Elevated Crunchies Starting Position
How To Exercise With A Chair
Elevated Crunchies Action Movement
Sitting Leg Raises

To do these, you simply sit on the chair with your hands grasping the sides of the seat.  You bring your right leg up and across your trunk so your knee is pointing toward the left.  Then bring your leg back down to a sitting position.  After that, bring the same leg straight back up so it’s lined up with the center of your body.

Then bring it back down again into a normal sitting position.  Bring the same leg back up once more and angle it so your knee is facing outward toward the right side of your body.  Then bring the leg back down until you’re sitting again.  Repeat the same process in all 3 directions as many times as you can.

How To Exercise With A Chair
Sitting Leg Raises Center
How To Exercise With A Chair
Sitting Leg Raises Left








How To Exercise With A Chair
Sitting Leg Raises Right

Then do the same 3 movements with the opposite leg.  These movements will help your inner thigh and groin muscles.  These are just a few exercises you can do with a chair and there are many more.

Please see the video below by for more chair exercises to strengthen your core.




Summary – The thing I love about chair exercises is how convenient they are to do almost anywhere like I mentioned before.  They also don’t take up a lot of space.  So the next time you’re watching tv and want to get in a little exercise go ahead and make use of your chair.

A lot of people didn’t know it had so many uses besides sitting.  If you want to see some other exercises to improve your core please see my Core Exercise page here.  If you have any comments or questions please let me know and I will get back to you.  Thanks for your time and have a fantastic day!


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