Don’t Let Traffic Beat You – Exercises To Do In A Car

Don't Let Traffic Beat You - Exercises To Do In A CarHello everyone!  If you’re like most people, getting stuck in traffic can be a pretty frustrating experience sometimes.

When traffic comes to a complete standstill, a lot of folks look for something to occupy their time.

This could be in the form of watching a YouTube video on their phone, eating a snack, etc.

Well, today I wanted to share with you some exercises to do in a car.  This way, the next time you’re stuck in traffic you can do something positive for your health.  By the way, I could never figure out why they always call it rush hour because 90% of the time you’re not moving lol.

Also, the exercises I’ll be discussing should only be done with the car completely still and not in motion.  If your car has automatic transmission it should be in park.  Or, if it has standard transmission in should be in neutral with the parking brake engaged.

If you have to move your car, you should focus on driving 100% and not do any exercises until you’re at a complete stop.  Please keep safety in mind at all times.  Without further ado, let’s move on to the exercises.

Neck – There are a few things you can do to work your neck muscles.  You can roll your head clockwise and counter-clockwise slowly.  You can also slowly turn your head to the right, when you can’t turn it anymore hold it there for 3 seconds.  Then repeat the same process to the left side.

Another thing you can do is move your neck sideways slowly until your ear is touching your shoulder.  Hold that position for 3 seconds doing it to both sides.  The last thing you can do is look upward at the ceiling and downward at your seat, holding both positions for 3 seconds.

Don't Let Traffic Beat You - Exercises To Do In A CarShoulders – Simply roll your shoulders forward slowly several times and then do the same thing rolling them backwards.

Arms – For this one, you can only do it if no one is in the passenger seat.  Take your right arm and straighten it all the way out to the side.

Then rotate your arm so that your palm alternates between facing upward and downward.

Another move you can do with your arm straight is with your palm up, flex your elbow and bring your hand up until it touches your shoulder.

Trunk – With your forearms parallel to the ground, just twist your trunk from side to side.  If your seat is able to recline back far enough, you can do some crunchies as well.

Glutes – Clench your butt cheeks together as tight as you can and hold that position for 5 seconds.  This helps strengthen your glutes (buttocks) and a little bit of your lower abs.

Calves – With your foot flat on the floor, raise your heel off the floor and hold that pose for 3 seconds.  Then repeat with the other foot.

Quads – While sitting straight up, raise your leg off the floor and try to bring your knee up to, or as close to your chest as possible.  Do the same move for both legs.

Bonus Move  – Once you’ve reached your destination and if you’re really feeling motivated, you can try this one outside the car.  Place both hands on the ground and the toes of both feet on the bumper (front or rear) of the car.

Then do push-ups from this position.  They’re basically decline push-ups, but you’re using the bumper to support your weight instead of a chair.

Don't Let Traffic Beat You - Exercises To Do In A CarSummary – The next time you get held up in traffic, don’t let it beat you.

Seize the opportunity and do something positive for your body, especially if you missed the gym or working out that day.

Also, if you’re a passenger in a car you can do theses exercises at just about anytime and not only when it’s stopped.  If you have any other ideas for exercises you can do in a car that you’d like to share, please let us know.

Or, if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll gladly get back to you.  Thanks so much for reading and be safe on those roads!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Traffic Beat You – Exercises To Do In A Car”

  1. Great recommendations. Coming from NYC, I’m very familiar with traffic. It’s a fantastic idea to get some exercises or stretching done while you wait to move. This can also help to ease some of the stress of sitting in traffic. This is a good site to have handy for simple exercise recommendations. Good job!

    1. You’re welcome Tugarcia and glad you enjoyed the article. Hopefully these ideas can help sometime when you’re stuck in NYC traffic. Thanks for commenting!


  2. That is a good question, Jon. Why DO they call it rush hour when nobody has the ability to rush anywhere?

    The lack of exercise involved in driving is one of the reasons I prefer not to drive anywhere I can avoid driving. Well, that and not owning my own car.

    Still, this is definitely a more productive use of the time you’re forced to spend in rush hour traffic than spending it texting your friends to complain about why you hate being stuck in rush hour traffic.

    Plus, you can tell your friends out of context later that you did pushups while stuck in rush hour traffic, and laugh as they all try to figure out how that’s possible.

    It’s a great article; fun, informative, and worth reading to anyone who has to make that painful 9-5 commute 5 times a week for the rest of their career. This at least might make it seem a little less agonizing.

    Happy trails, Jon!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, yes I think the exercises can help relieve stress for those dealing with the daily commute also. Take care and have a terrific day!


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