Daily Activities To Burn Calories

Hello!  Today I want to share with you some daily activities to burn calories that many people are unaware of.  They’re very common actions you can do frequently to accomplish certain tasks.  These actions are designed to supplement the caloric burn you get from an exercise program, and not replace it altogether.  I’ve broken down the activities into a list below.

1)  Take Stairs When Possible– When you’re in a building and have to go up or down 3 floors or less use the stairs.  If you’re in a place such as a mall or sporting event, utilize stairs instead of elevators or escalators when possible.

Daily Activities To Burn Calories





2)  Don’t Park In The Closest Spot– When you go somewhere like a grocery store or department store, don’t always park in the spot closest to the building.  Park in a place that will require you to walk at least 20 meters or more to the entrance.

3)  Manually Unlock Your Car– When unlocking your car stick your key in the lock instead of using an electronic device to unlock it.  This will enable use of your wrist and forearm muscles.

4)  Wash Your Car By Hand– When it’s time to wash your car do it by hand instead of driving it through a car wash.  If it’s a nice day out you can play music and get family or friends to help.  Everyone can have a little fun with it.  Your car will probably come out cleaner because you’ll be putting more elbow grease into it!

Daily Activities To Burn Calories






5)  Use A Basket Instead Of A Cart At The Grocery Store– When possible use a basket instead of a cart when buying groceries if your list is small enough.  This will enhance upper body strength by carrying some weight as opposed to pushing the cart.  However, if you have many items in your cart you can get a little exercise from that as well.

6)  Take The Dog For A Longer Walk– Take the dog on a different route than usual that’s a little longer.  You might see some nice scenery and it’s good exercise for you and your pet. You can also take your dog to a dog park if one’s available in your neighborhood.  This will give both of you plenty of space to walk or run around.

7)  Do Dishes By Hand– Instead of loading all the dishes in the dish washer all the time do them by hand once in a while.  It’s good for your wrists, arms, shoulders and your dishes may come out cleaner with the extra attention.

8)  Exercise During Commercials– If you exercise during commercials while watching television you can get about 10-12 minutes of exercise in during a one hour show.  It doesn’t have to be anything intense.  Just marching or jogging in place can be very beneficial.

9)  Hand Carry Documents In The Work Place– If you have a memo or document that a co-worker needs hand carry it to them.  You can do this once in a while instead of always sending it via email.  It’ll probably be nice to get away from your desk and visit a friendly face.

10)  Walk To Lunch With A Co-Worker Or Friend– Have lunch with a co-worker or friend and walk to the location if possible.  It can be nice to get some fresh air and a little exercise in the process.  Just make sure you have a healthy lunch so you don’t defeat the purpose of walking there!

11)  Use A Different Floor For Bathroom Breaks– When taking bathroom breaks at work use the floor above or below you.  You may get a chance to say hello to some co-workers you don’t normally see.

12)  Change The Television Channel Manually– I know some high tech tvs can only have the channel changed by remote control.  However, if your tv has the buttons available to change channels manually go ahead and do it once in a while.  Getting out of your chair or off the couch will help improve your body’s circulation.

13)  Don’t Ask For Something If You Can Get It Yourself– While at home don’t ask someone else to bring you something if you’re able to get it yourself.  If you need an item from another room just get up and get it!  I know this may seem trivial, but if you do a lot of small things throughout the day to be active they add up to a lot.

Summary– Unfortunately, overweight and obesity rates have reached an all time high in the United States and many parts of the world.  By being conscious of your physical actions during the day, you can greatly complement your exercise program.  Also, be careful with technology so it’s not overused to the point of being detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, you can be creative to come up with other ways to be active on a daily basis.  We don’t always have to take the lazy way out when doing activities.  A little extra movement never hurts anyone, right?

If you have any ideas you’d like to share on how to burn calories outside of traditional exercise please let me know. I’m sure other readers would also be interested as they might be able to incorporate them into their lifestyle. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading and wishing you a healthy life! Take care,


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6 thoughts on “Daily Activities To Burn Calories”

  1. Nice ideas to burn calories. I like washing the car by hand when the weather is nice. Washing the dishes is not a favorite but with music you can dance and burn even more calories. All movement counts right?!

    1. Hi Kelly, yes all movement does count. Anytime you can move to accomplish something as opposed to using a machine it helps. Thanks for your comment.


  2. There are just so many things we can do (and we don’t) during a normal day because we are lazy.
    Washing car by hand is a lot of work and it’s fun if you have a partner that helps you. about the stairs I’m not quite sure. It depends how often you do it because if you go up and down like 200 stairs every day then it’s going to damage your knees. What do you think
    Other than this stair thing I think all the others are quite doable .
    thanks for making the list.

    1. Hi Jagulba, yes 200 stairs would be a bit much and probably not necessary, especially every day. If it’s just one or two flights and not a lot of stairs I think it can be helpful. I think the size of the building and stairwell would moreless determine whether someone could use them or not. Thanks for your comment and if you have any other questions please let me know, thanks.


  3. What struck me the most when reading this is I actually apply a lot of the steps you provided! Another thing that helps me is I am a technician by trade so I engage in a lot of manual labor at my job. On top of that, the main area I work in is easily the size of a football field, so I can count on walking at least 3 miles on a busy night! I use the stairs at my job and always go to the bottom floor to use the restroom for the exact reasons you provide. I know for a fact that I would have put on some weight if not for the fact that I employ a lot of the recommendations you provide here.

    So, for those who don’t typically work in those conditions, I would recommend engaging in some manual activities at home such as working on their vehicles or mowing the lawn. Things that people may pay to have done for them.

    Great article!

    1. Hi Jorge, it’s great that you already employ a lot of these activities in your job as a technician. I like the idea of mowing the lawn, especially with a push mower. Working on vehicles can also be beneficial if you’re mechanically inclined to also burn calories like you mentioned. Thanks for your input!


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