Comfort In Fitness/ Is It Possible?

Comfort in Fitness

Hello everyone!  I’m sure you’re probably thinking the phrase comfort in fitness must be an oxymoron, since most people think of the two words as opposites.  However, what I’m referring to today is being comfortable in your fitness attire.  It’s important to have work out clothes that fit properly so yes comfort in fitness is possible.

Unrestrictive Movement

One area I’d like to point out is having unrestrictive movement when exercising.  You should make sure your shirt isn’t too tight, especially around your shoulders.  Full range of motion is crucial to being able to perform movements correctly.

You should be able to move both arms to their fullest extent in all directions easily. If you’re not able to do this you should definitely switch to a larger shirt.  However, it shouldn’t be so big that any loose clothing interferes with equipment or your pattern of movement.

Also, just like your shirt having comfortable pants or shorts is key to allowing proper exercise.  They should be loose enough to allow for full range of motion of both legs in all directions.

Again, just like with shirts they shouldn’t so loose they interfere with the use of any equipment or disrupt your movement pattern.  Spandex are designed to have a snug fit and that’s fine, but they should still be comfortable and enable ease of movement.

Comfortable Fitness Atttire






You can purchase fitness attire and it doesn’t have to be costly.  A couple key things to look for besides ease of movement is material and size.  For example, some people prefer 100% cotton, while others may prefer a mixture of cotton and nylon.  It all really depends on which material is comfortable to you and your skin.


Of all the fitness attire I can’t stress enough the importance of proper footwear so I saved this for last.  You’re feet are your body’s support structure to most movements.  Without that support you won’t be able to perform exercises properly and you could possibly get injured.  You should ensure your shoes have a good sole (no holes) and a strong base of support at the heel.

I personally like to wear tennis shoes with the mini shock absorbers under the heel.  This is because I do a lot of power movements and need the extra absorption.  However, as long as you have good heel support you should be fine.  Your shoes should fit snug but not tight or loose. Also, you can purchase great work out shoes at a very reasonable price without spending a lot of money.


I want you to feel comfortable in your work out clothes with good fitting.  I know a lot of us don’t think much about what we wear for exercise, and just wear our favorite items.  Just make sure these items are a great fit.   This way you’ll have all the tools necessary to build your body into a house of fitness!

I personally like to wear a lot of Reebok’s clothes.  For more information on their attire please visit my Reviews page here.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know and have an awesome day!


photo credit: Big Sur Mud Run 2013 via photopin (license)


8 thoughts on “Comfort In Fitness/ Is It Possible?”

  1. This site is nice, my son is all about getting big and strong so i will make sure to share this with him so that he can see your amazing tips and tricks.

  2. I totally agree with you. I found when I forget my shoes for fitness I get tired sooner. To me, the most important fitness attire is my cloth because even with the right shoes I get frustrated If I don’t have my gym shirt. Why frustrated? Because I sweat like hell all the time and when I workout if I don’t wear my suitable shirt then I get all sticky, and I hate it.
    So make yourself comfortable with whatever necessary.

  3. FITTE awsome. It’s all I can think about now when I make workout plans for the week. This article was very informative and I will definitely bookmark this page.

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