Basic Fitness Principles

Hello!  The art of making your body fit is really quite simple and definitely not complicated.  As you look through the site you’ll find very user friendly exercises and see basic concepts that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.  These exercises and themes can dramatically improve your level of fitness over time.  They can be performed in the comfort of your own home or in a gym.

Basic Fitness Principles

One of the best parts of is the information will be readily available so you won’t have to research how to get in shape.

Also, one very important note I’d like to address is you should be cleared by your physician before engaging in any exercise program.  This is true regardless of how much exercise you plan on doing.

There’s a few principles in starting a fitness regimen to keep in mind to be successful.  First and foremost is you need to make a decision and commit to a program.  You need to set up a schedule to include exercise and stick to it as much as possible.

Without commitment you’re not going to get results, plain and simple.  You should also try to find exercises you actually like doing and include them in your program.  This way you’ll be more inclined to work out and have more fun while doing so, it won’t feel like a grind!

Another tip I’d like to share is try to work out with a partner such as a friend, significant other, etc.  This way you can motivate and encourage each other which can improve your results.  You can also hold each other accountable for not slacking off.  However, I know some people like working out by themselves.  If that’s what you prefer that’s perfectly fine.  What’s important is that you do what’s comfortable for you.

The last point I’d like to cover is try to work out around the same time every day.  This makes it easier for your body to get adapted to the changes that occur from exercising.  Some people prefer mornings and some late afternoon or evenings.  It really doesn’t matter what time you do it as long as you’re consistent with the time you choose.

Basic Fitness Principles

I know some people have hectic schedules and can’t do it the same time every day.  However, if you’re able to you should see better results.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me below.  Or you can also email me at  Thanks for your time and good luck in your journey to be fit!




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20 thoughts on “Basic Fitness Principles”

  1. I agree its very important to pick a time of day and try to stick to it. I prefer mornings for cardio and weights in the afternoon, after you’ve naturally been active for a few hours. Also its basically impossible to measure progress without a program, happy you put that in there as a must have.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Lots of ideas and information for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. I had a mild heart attack a little over 2 years ago. I didn’t blame it on the food I was eating but I did it blame it on the lack of exercise I was getting. I would sit at my computer hours at a time instead of getting up every hour and moving around like I do now!

    I will be back to visit again soon. My best to you, Vel

    1. Hi Vel,
      I’m glad you’re more active now as it will help improve your heart and overall health. Thanks for commenting and have a great day!


  3. Hi Jon,
    I really love your site because I have learned so much about taking good care of my body. Everyone that wants to get fit and do it the simple way should visit this site.
    Much Love,


    1. Hi Rayford,
      I’m glad you enjoyed viewing my site and learned some information. Thanks for your comment and have a terrific day!


  4. Hello Jon,
    I like your site and the information you provide. I try to stick to a workout regime but it is difficult. I’ll just have to try harder, in the meantime I’ll stop by to get some tips from you.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Yes sometimes it can be difficult to stay with a routine, especially if you have a hectic schedule. If you can try and get in about 150 minutes a week and eat healthy you’ll be headed in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by and take care!


  5. Hey Jon, I love your theme with everything inside the scrolling box, the layout is easy to follow, informational with products available to solve my issues, pretty painted girls, what else could a guy want. The newsletter list with the bar bell is way cool to me. Thanks for inviting me over to see what you are doing here helping people to help themselves to be more healthy, great stuff! I will come back to check you out after I have a chance to see your other websites. Wish you more good health and prosper.

  6. Hi Jon,
    Great website with nice leayout, funny pictures and interesting information. Thanks for your tips. I run everyday and did 3 x 10km runs and 1 half marathon. As you said exercise is important and everyone should be moving and doing some exercise. It’s quite important especially now with our hectic lifestyle. All the best!

    1. Hi Marian,
      Congratulations on running a half marathon and 3 10k runs is awesome! It sounds like you’re living a pretty healthy lifestyle, keep up the great work and thanks for your input!


  7. Hi Jon
    I like how your layout your website. you have some great pictures and interesting information about staying healthy. I am new to Wealthy Affiliate and you give me some great idea how to do my website post. Thank you

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